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Are you enthusiastic about the concept of Challenged Based Learning (CBL) and have a passion project or a great idea you want to translate into a CBL course? Follow the steps below in order to turn your idea into reality.

1. Check your idea

Does your idea meet the following criteria:

2. Get inspired

See our case studies and be inspired.

3. Draft your educational design

A full explanation of how to draft an educational design can be found on the educational design.

4. Set your timeline

To start planning your course and deciding when to provide it, you can take into account the academic calendars from our EWUU institutes. You can see the overview, including flexible moments within the academic calendar, under our resource package.

Moreover, we offer you with a suggested Challenge timeline evaluation and feedback.

5. Assemble your team

The core team organises the course. Ensuring a balance of team members from our EWUU alliance institutes provides a broad network that facilitates:

  • Promotion
  • Finding experts
  • Using knowledge of different expertises
  • Having diverse mindsets in your team