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This digital handbook, created by the EWUU educational team (Innovative Didactic Concepts (IDC) team), serves as a comprehensive guide to the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) concept and provides a set of tools allowing participants to collaborate, design and explore CBL within the context of the EWUU alliance. The content is dynamic and interactive, continually updated and enriched.   

About CBL

CBL is an educational approach that enables students to learn by solving meaningful real-world problems related to their environment, defining a challenge and developing and implementing a solution for it. Solutions are co-developed; researched and realized by students, teachers and stakeholders in a transdisciplinary setting.

Follow the instructions on the home page to learn more about CBL and the EWUU alliance or go to  EWUU CBL vision.

About the CBL handbook

Designed to provide a better understanding of CBL education, this handbook provides tools and resources for designing your own educational programme. Navigation is based on your current role (student, teacher, social/business stakeholder). However, the handbook is intended to be flexible, so you can also navigate based on the type of information you would like to receive and/or your needs and interests. Within a very short time you’ll be confidently designing your own educational programs.

About EWUU alliance

The TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht (EWUU) have joined forces to challenge (emerging) researchers and students to collaborate in the open, mutually supportive and multi-disciplinary environment that is the essence of the alliance. The main aim is to co-create solutions to challenges related to social themes such as health, food, energy and the circular society. Our ambition is to solve wicked problems, those that appear to be insoluble.

You can learn more about all the EWUU alliance working groups and projects via the official website.