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CBL roles

In CBL, learners work together in a community of peers, teachers and experts to tackle real-world problems (Leijon et al., 2021 ). But what does it mean to be part of a community where the learning agency is with the learners and the outcome is unknown to all parties?

The different roles within the context of our CBL courses are constantly evaluated. Based on our experience so far, we provide an overview of the roles we see emerging for different actors both from inside and outside our alliance institutes. Note that some of these roles can also be combined in one person within a specific course. One could, for example be both challenge agent and expert, or coach and course coordinator, at the same time.

In organising a CBL course, multiple of these roles come together in team, which we call the core team. The core teams consists of:

  • A course coordinator: an academic from one of the EWUU institutes who carries ultimate responsibility for this course.
  • A challenge agent who brings in a real-world challenge to work on.
  • An expert representative from each alliance institute.

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