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Are you interested in collaborating with others on the CBL courses of our alliance? You can choose your own role and work together with the coordinators of a CBL course, a challenge agent who provides a real world case in the form of a challenge, a coach, or an expert. Enabling you to become part of a larger community of practice and actively contribute to the learning process.

The active involvement of business and societal partners with an interest in real-life cases is fundamental to every CBL course within the alliance. A highly complex problem often involves one or more problem domains and stakeholders, both from within and outside our universities.

The EWUU CBL education has astrong connection with both internal and external stakeholders who, together with all the other roles, collaborate at every stage of the educational design. External stakeholders could come from any sector with interest in the challenge topic.

Why stakeholders are important

Stakeholders provide learners with applied, real-world perspectives and experience of a problem, acting as co-researchers and designers, rather than facilitators. Stakeholders ensure the research outcomes are challenge-centred and connect both the research and the products to society and potential end-users, ensuring dissemination and implementation.

In CBL courses, learners are in the centre: they must articulate, design and implement sustainable, social and/or economic solutions using existing information or new knowledge from multiple disciplines. They use consult stakeholders an co-create a final product. Dealing with complexity and uncertainty forces learners to develop a self-directed way of working as well as professionalism in their collaboration and communication.  

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